AngelMom, TTC

A good day…

Lately just getting out of my bed, and going to work has been a STRUGGLE for me!! They don’t give out participation trophies for adults but I’ve felt like I needed that kind of admiration just for being a part of my own life!

But today, was good. I woke up early, thanks to my lil Bub who’s decided lately that sleeping in is for the birds and he’d rather be outside, or on an adventure to Home Depot. I got the idea to build a cinderblock succulent planter off Pinterest and like all things from Pinterest you can never tell the actual difficulty level from the completion photo… and boy did I ever underestimate that project – like many I’ve attempted in the garden or in life.
You never know just what someone has gone through to achieve an “after photo” – a hard concept to grasp for this infertile friend. I see all of my friends and relatives happy and complete with their perfect families grinning on my Facebook and it’s so difficult to just remember that these after photos may be hiding something I do not see.
I do hope some day I am blessed with an “after photo”… but for today, I decided to make something. I acquired all the tools and supplies, and I built that thing. Simple as that. Completion, no matter how much of a sweaty 112 degree struggle it was, I made the choice to start and finish something and that is a beautiful thing.

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